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Burman Barbershop is the go-to premium barbershop in Yangon. They offer a high level of customer experience in an old world but modern environemtn. Their skilled barbers offer a range of traditional men only barbering services include
  • Classic cuts
  • Wash and trim
  • Hot towel shave
  • Grooming service
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90 Bogalay Zay Street




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Jon J on May 26, 2019
Great staff, very professional barber shop! One of the best haircuts I had in a long time! Well done. Very clean shop and good equipment. Also, the coffee was a great pro!
Thiha Htet Z on May 25, 2019
The best barbershop I’ve ever been to. Staffs are friendly and helpful. The shop is clean and has a great atmosphere around. Price is affordable as well.
Max H on May 24, 2019
First time coming to Burman Barbers, it's a beautiful shop, great atmosphere, very good service - the fact the barber offered advice is brilliant. I would honestly like to arrive early so I can just sit in there for a while peacefully.
David T on May 23, 2019
It was my first time there. I'll get better at communicating with the barber so that I get exactly what I want. Its a bit of a trek to get there and the parking is difficult.
Kyaw T on May 21, 2019
Need more suggestion from barber.. Not just simply follow the way what customer requested. Better provide suggestion to customer which style would be more suit with him.
Posted by Burman Barbershop at Burman Barbershop
May 21, 2019
Hi Kyaw,

Thanks much for your feedback and we totally agree with you. We have been training to do more than what our clients request. We'll keep it up in terms of giving more ideas and advice for you to have a more informed decision! Besides this, please help us how else we can improve? {show_less}
Leonard B on May 17, 2019
My wife likes my haircut and that's the main thing. Service is always very good, even during power outages! Always enjoy the head massage. Will come again, probably every 3 weeks
Yuxiang F on May 15, 2019
Very nice and decent barber shop in Myanmar. Have been Myanmar for three years, it is Difficult to find another similar one. Very glad to have their service.
Posted by Burman Barbershop at Burman Barbershop
May 19, 2019
You're a legend! {show_less}
HYUNGGU K on May 15, 2019
Bobby~ Thanks a lot!!
I think he is getting better his skill and service.
I always booked him for the service every monthly base.
One thing, I want to make sure drink service is sometime they do and sometimes they don't. Please let me know the exact policy about it!
Posted by Burman Barbershop at Burman Barbershop
May 19, 2019
Hey Kang!

We do serve drinks whenever you ask for them! Glad you enjoyed the experience. :D {show_less}
Mat C on May 10, 2019
Had the worst experience I’ve ever had at Birman Barbershop last week. Shaved off my beard without my permission while I had my eyes closed. Uneven fringe and crown. For the price, it was a huge disappointment .
Posted by Burman Barbershop at Burman Barbershop
May 19, 2019
Hey Mat, we apologize for what happened! He was genuinely offering you more than you've asked for. These things can be tricky sometimes because we might be doing something the customer dislike. It was a genuine mistake on our end and we apologize! {show_less}
Roy K on May 8, 2019
Great experience. Lovely place and good staff. Really felt appreciated and the staff really took their time to focus on every little detail. Much appreciated.
Posted by Burman Barbershop at Burman Barbershop
May 19, 2019
You're a legend, Roy! {show_less}


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