35 Most Fashionable Nail Designs & Ideas for Summer 2024

Posted on May 2, 2024

Nail Designs and Ideas for Summer

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and we're in the mood for a style refresh - starting with our nails for summer! If you're anything like us, summer is your favorite time to experiment with different styles and try out all the trends- and a mani is the perfect canvas! To give you inspiration for your next nail salon visit (or DIY session), we've rounded up 2024’s best summer nail fashion ideas.

From vibrant shades and bright colors, to on-trend designs that will liven up any Monday, these beautiful nail art ideas are the ultimate addition to your summer wardrobe. Plus, we're sharing some of our tips and tricks on how to do these looks at home. So clear your camera roll, get out your favorite polish and get to work!

Best Colors For Summer Nails

In 2024, the best nail color for the summer is.... ALL of them! Rainbow shades are taking over summer nail designs, and we're all for it. From pastel ombre designs to neon French tips, this trend is perfect for indecisive nail lovers who struggle to choose just one shade (we see you).

Does a full rainbow seem too bright? Opt for the trendiest pink nails. With so many different shades to choose from, there's a perfect pink for every style. Glossy hot pink? Pink chrome? The options are truly endless!

And last but not least, we love the lavender haze that has taken over our summer Pinterest boards. It's a soft and romantic alternative to pink and is the ultimate color for summer nail art. If pink screams summer fun, then lavender whispers relaxing summer days in chic locations.

How to Prep and Take Care of Your Nails for Summer

If your summer to-do list looks anything like ours, your nails are going to need some serious care throughout the season. From swimming to traveling, your favorite summer activities can quickly start to damage your healthy nails.

Here are some tips to keep your natural nails summer ready and each new nail design looking its best.

To prepare your mani for all those summer must-do's, we suggest using a strengthening top coat over your polish. This will protect your nails from the elements and keep your summer nail designs looking fresh for as long as possible.

Pro tip: This is especially important if you have long nails, since even the strongest natural nails can snag or break if they’re left unprotected all summer long.

Cuticle oil is also a lifesaver when it comes to protecting your nails from the summer heat and dry air. Apply a few drops to your nails each day, along with your favorite sunscreen (which will also protect your summer nail color and prevent bright polishes from fading!) and you're almost golden.

Now that you're prepped and ready to go, it's time for some inspiration! We've rounded up our top summer nail art ideas for all styles, from coffin nail shapes to gel manis to ombre shades.

Fashionable Nail Ideas for Summer

As we already mentioned, rainbow nails are one of our favorite summer nail ideas - but we're not stopping there. Keep scrolling to see more bright summer nail ideas for all styles and color palettes, from neon pinks to pastel greens and bold reds. We’ve got all the summer vibes covered!

Delicate Nails for Summer

If you’re not ready to try rainbow nails, then delicate nails for summer are a subtle and elegant choice that’s perfect for warm days. Try some French tips in pastel shades or delicate floral designs to add charm to your hands.

Delicate nails for summer

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If you’re looking for a playful summer nail design, delicate pink nails with a subtle floral print will be the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. You can also paint your nails in pastel hues and put a summer-inspired nail design on an accent nail.

Ombre Nails for Summer

The ombre style is extremely popular and perfect for summer. It’s one of our favorite nail ideas because the play of colors, moving from lighter tones to more vibrant hues, will bring your mani to life and add a unique effect.

Ombre nails for summer

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For your next mani, try summer ombre nails from pastel pink to intense purple- this will create a super cute look with romantic ocean vibes.

White Nails For Summer

White nails for summer are a classic that never goes out of style. The fresh, clean color works perfectly with the summer weather and suits every occasion, from beach parties to elegant evening outings. Plus, the negative space of a white background makes it the perfect canvas for some bright nail art.

White nails for summer

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Long, white acrylic nails with a soft shine are perfect for a summer wedding. Another classic choice is a natural nail color with a French mani.

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Fashionable Nails for Summer

If you like to stay on top of the latest trends,then you’re probably excited to try out new summer nail ideas. Be bold and experiment with colors,negative space, patterns and airbrush effects to create a unique and stylish type of manicure.

Nails with geometric patterns in neon colors will draw attention and compliment your summer look.

Fashionable nails for summer

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Red Nails for Summer

Red has always been one of the hottest colors for any season, and red nails are a classic choice that will always liven up your style. Red’s intense color adds confidence and sex appeal, perfect for romantic evenings or dates during the summer evenings.

Bright red nails with a glossy finish will be a stunning addition to your summer wardrobe. If you’re looking for incredibly bright summer nails, why not combine red with gold for a fun twist on classic French tips. You can even try a reverse French manicure in the same shades.

Red nails for summer

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Neon Nails For Summer

Neon colored nails are the perfect summer nail design for bold and creative souls. Bright orange or neon green will draw attention and add energy to any summer look, while nails in intense yellow or baby blue will be a great addition to your summer beach party. Plus, their bright shades mean that neon summer nails work on people with shorter nails, too.

Neon nails for summer

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Pretty Nails for Summer

Nails in soft, feminine colors tick all the boxes for elegant summer nails. You can opt for pastel shades or delicate patterns to make your hands look lovely and stylish- some people even choose a subtle, pastel tie dye.

Nails in a mint shade with tiny gold embellishments would be perfect for a summer garden party.

If you’re looking for fun nail designs for a family event, ask your nail artist for a rainbow French manicure.

Pretty nails for summer

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Coloured Nails For Summer

Summer is the perfect time to show off your creativity and choose a bold, colorful summer nail design. Combine different shades and create unique compositions that reflect your happy mood.

Nails decorated with colorful stripes or abstract shapes and patterns can be the perfect accent to your summer look.

Coloured nails for summer

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Cool Nails For Summer

If you like to experiment with different styles and colors, choose cool nails for some summer inspo. This is the perfect opportunity to express your personality and create an original manicure that will catch people’s eyes.

Tie-dye nails with colorful spots will be a unique and trendy addition to your summer wardrobe. We just love the fun way that the colors blend together.

If you’re looking for something truly unique, ask your nail artist for some acrylic nails in a mermaid design. Mermaid nails use textures and iridescent nail polish to craft a truly regal summer look.

Cool nails for summer

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Short Nails For Summer

Everyone deserves cute summer nails, no matter what length they prefer. Besides being comfortable, short summer nails are relatively easy to care for.

Short nails are a practical choice for summer, especially during outdoor activities. You can opt for a minimalist manicure or experiment with delicate patterns and colors or a bright design to add a lively touch to your hands.

Short nails in pastel shades with subtle gold embellishments are just perfect for a bright summer picnic in the park.

Don’t be afraid to try out some cute summer nail designs- you don’t need to have long nails to enjoy your favorite trends.

Short nails for summer

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Gel Nails For Summer

Gel nails are a long-lasting solution for a busy summer that stays looking impeccable for a long time. Many people love gel nail polish because it cuts down on the number of times that you’ll need to visit your nail tech for a touch-up. You can choose a variety of colors and effects to suit your summer lifestyle.

Gel nails in an intense turquoise color with a marbled effect are ideal for a summer evening at the beach. Don’t be shy about experimenting with different summer gel nail designs.

Gel nails for summer

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Nail Designs For Summer

Trying new nail art designs is a great way to express your creativity and style. Choose your favorite motif - flowers, geometric patterns, or abstract compositions - and create a unique manicure that matches your personality. Here’s an example: nails decorated with delicate palm trees or shells are an awesome accent for a summer beach look.

Nail designs for summer

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Hybrid Nails For The Summer

Hybrid nails combine the durability of gel polish with the ease of application of classic nail polish. It's perfect for summer when you want a beautiful and long-lasting manicure that will stay gorgeous, even during intense activity.

If you’re not looking for bright summer nails, and want something romantic instead, then hybrid nails in an intense navy blue color with a subtle shimmer are a great option for a summer evening. You could even ask your nail artist to add a few tiny ziron “stars”.

Hybrid nails for the summer

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Toenails For Summer

Summer toenails are the perfect way to enhance the beauty of your feet and get them ready for sandal season. Choose bright shades or bold nail art to match your summer wardrobe.

Toenails in pastel shades with delicate embellishments will be the perfect complement to your summer sandals.

For a simple and sexy nail design, get a French manicure on your toes (this works best if you also have French tips on your fingernails).

Pro tip: Accent nails aren’t just something that you can do on a manicure- they can also be used to enhance a pedicure’s nail design.

Toenails for summer

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Blue Nails For Summer

Blue nails are bold and stylish. They perfectly reflect the beach vibe, and can provide a ton of nautical inspiration. Choose bright blue shades or intense deep sea hues to add a fresh touch to your manicure. You can even try a classic French tip, but in blue.

Nails in an intense shade of blue with delicate white accents in the form of waves or shells will evoke summer adventures by the sea. For trendy summer nails, ask your nail tech to add some texture to a blue mani by using a clear gel.

Blue nails for summer

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Pastel Nails for Summer

Pastel nails are always a classic choice because they look so fresh and stylish. Use soft shades of pink, purple, blue or green to create a soft and feminine manicure.

Painting individual nails in pastel shades of the rainbow will be the perfect complement to your summer wardrobe, adding softness and charm. For playful pastel summer vibes, try a tie dye look.

Pastel nails for summer

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Orange Nails For Summer

Orange summer nails are a bold and energetic choice that will add tons of character to your manicure. Go for a bright shade for an everyday style or an intense, juicy color for summer parties. You can even try an accent nail in neon green, if you’re feeling adventurous.

Cute summer nails in an intense shade of orange will be the perfect complement to your look, adding fun and positive energy.

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Orange nails for summer

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Bright Nails For Summer

Bright nails are an elegant and versatile option for summer events, and will go perfectly with any outfit. Select a classic nude or soft pink shade to add subtlety and sophistication to your manicure.

Nails in a soft shade of creamy white will suit any summer outfit, highlighting its lightness and elegance. You can fill negative space and add a subtle sparkle to a white mani by using a dotting tool to put on some gold or silver polka dots.

Bright nails for summer

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Beach-Themed Summer Pedicures

If you like wearing sandals, then this is one of the best summer nail ideas. Toenails for summer are an important part of summer grooming, enhancing the beauty of your feet. Choose bright shades or striking designs to match your summer shoes.

Toenails decorated with a palm tree or flower motif will be the perfect compliment to summer sandals at any beach party.

Beach-themed summer pedicures

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Beautiful Nails For Summer

Getting beautiful nails for summer is a great way to express your style and personality. You can experiment with colors, patterns and effects to create a unique manicure that matches your vibe.

Acrylic nails adorned with tiny beads or sparkling stones will exude luxury and elegance, the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. If you’re interested in trying out a new nail shape, why not experiment with almond or coffin nails?

Beautiful nails for summer

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Black Nails For Summer

If you’re not into hot pink, then black summer nails are a bold and sensual option, adding character and mystery to your manicure. Select a classic shade of black or combine it with other colors and patterns for a custom nail design.

Intense black nails with gold embellishments are elegant and sophisticated, and a black and gold French manicure is sexy in any season.

Black nails for summer

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Matte Nails for Summer

Matte nails are subtle, elegant and perfect for summer. Pick out your favorite shades and add a matte finish for a luxurious and unique nail design that’s sure to impress.

Nails in an intense fuchsia shade with a matte finish will look incredibly stylish and fashionable at summer events.

Matte nails for summer

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Pink Nails For Summer

Pink nails are a classic and versatile choice that always look cute and feminine. Use a pastel pink shade or an intense raspberry color for a fresh and soft-looking manicure.

Nails in a light shade of powder pink are perfect for a summer date or a picnic in the park. You can also try accent nails in a lighter or darker shade of pink.

Pink nails for summer

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Acrylic Nails for Summer

Acrylic nails are a long-lasting and glamorous solution for summer that makes it possible to wear long nails in different shapes. Choose your favorite colors and designs to create memorable and cute summer nails.

A long manicure in a shade of turquoise sky with delicate white clouds is one of our favorite summer acrylic nail ideas, since it’s perfect for almost any occasion.

Acrylic nails for summer

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Elegant Nails for Summer

Long, elegant nails are ideal summer celebrations and events. Instead of going for bright summer nails with playful nail art, choose classic shades such as maroon, burgundy or deep purple to add a chic and refined touch to your manicure.

Nails in a sophisticated shade of dark red with a soft shimmer will accent a summer look for an evening out or a fancy dinner party.

Elegant nails for summer

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Summer Colored Nails

Brightly colored summer nails are an easy way to add fun and energy to any outfit. Start by selecting your favorite shades and then combine them in bold patterns to create a unique and fun manicure.

Nails in multicolored pastels with polka dots, stripes, or summer-themed nail art are great for a festival or outdoor event.

Summer colored nails

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Glitter Nails For Summer

Glitter nails add instant sparkle and glamor to any summer manicure. Pick a couple of glitter polishes in different shades and apply them to the entire nail plate or as accents to create a glamorous and glittery look. Or, create a glitter French manicure in different colors.

Nails adorned with gold glitter are a wonderful choice for a summer party or a night out.

Glitter nails for summer

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Pointed Nails for Summer

Pointed nails are a bold and trendy choice that people are sure to remember. This pointed nail shape adds character and an edgy style to your manicure. Choose some intense colors or bold patterns to accentuate the impact of pointed nails.

Pointed nails in bright fuchsia with geometric embellishments can add a modern and trendy accent to your summer look.

Pointed nails for summer

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Thanks to the endless inspiration you can find online, getting cute summer nails is easier than ever.

If you’re still not sure which summer main designs are right for you, then we encourage you to try a few of them out and see. One of the things that we love best about manicures is that it’s so easy to experiment with different looks.


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Nails For Summer FAQs

What Nail Color Should I Choose For Summer?

When it comes to popular summer nails, bright nails are always trendy and fun. Paint your nails in pastel shades, like pink, purple, or blue. Green, red and yellow are also on-trend right now. Pastel nail shades for summer last longer, but bright colors create a warm and inviting mood.

How Do I Choose My Nail Color For Summer?

The main question is what colors you like and look good on your nails. If you have very short nails or a small plate, try to pick something from a palette of bright, pastel and nude colors, as well as current classics. Black, glitter and pink nail colors are also always good for pedicures.

Where To Get Your Nails Done For Summer?

You can get your nails done for the summer by yourself or use a professional. Whatever your nail care preferences, you can find the best solutions and ideas for summer nails in our article and online. To find a specialist who has experience doing summer manicures, you can use online platforms or apps such as Belliata to find the nearest nail salons in your area.