Eyebrow Piercing 2024 Guide: Cost, Pain Level, and Placement Options

{posted_on} Sep 22, 2023

Eyebrow Piercing Guide

An eyebrow piercing is a more dramatic way to show off your personality than other classic piercing. Such piercing can look daring but also can add elegance and a cute twist to your representation. In our guide you will find information about types of eyebrow piercings, rules for caring for and healing the piercing, and suitable jewelry.

What Is Eyebrow Piercing?

Eyebrow piercing is a great way to stand out and attract attention, because all people are accustomed to looking into each other's eyes. The piercing process is quite simple and takes just seconds.

First, the piercer disinfects the puncture site and marks with a marker the point where the jewelry will be placed. Then the puncture is carried out with a needle, which is quickly replaced with an earring.

Types Of Eyebrow Piercing

This is a surface piercing on your head- a bar or ring inserted vertically or (less commonly) horizontally into the eyebrow area.

Vertical Eyebrow Piercing

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A small, curved barbell is inserted into your eyebrow area, with the attached studs visible above and below the brow.

Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing

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In this case, your piercer places the barbell above or below the brow line.

Multiple eyebrow piercings

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Consists of more than one piercing. Most popular are double eyebrow piercings, but some people get piercings across their entire eyebrow. If you choose this option, we recommend getting one piercing at a time to simplify the healing process.

Who Should And Shouldn’t Get Their Eyebrow Pierced

Although the needle and jewelry seems quite small, we only recommend this piercing for people who are 100% certain that they want it, because it’s likely to leave you with a very visible scar when you remove it.

Why Do People Like Eyebrow Piercings?

Many people enjoy the way that a pierced eyebrow draws attention to their eyes. You can buy colorful or even jeweled balls to screw onto the barbell, or even change it for a small ring.

How Much Are They?

Eyebrow piercing prices usually start at around $40, depending on your location.

Do Eyebrow Piercings Hurt?

This facial piercing doesn’t hurt too much, with most people saying that it’s about as uncomfortable as getting your lip or belly button done.

How Long Do Eyebrow Piercings Take To Heal, And What Are The Risks?

Wash your face with a mild soap, then clean the piercing area with sterile saline twice a day. Avoid waxing your brows, and try to keep makeup and lotion away from it. Also, this piercing had a tendency to reject or migrate, so don’t put in any heavy or oddly-shaped jewelry.

If you treat it well, a pierced brow can heal in around three months.

Where To Get Eyebrow Pierced?

The easiest way to find a great piercing studio near your location is to use Belliata free booking platform. Search Belliata for “eyebrow piercing near me” and get a list of top piercing studios in one platform. You can compare prices there, view the portfolio and read client opinions about the service, check piercer’s availability, and book your eyebrow piercing appointment online in several clicks.

Eyebrow piercing have to be done by in a professional and reputable piercing studio. Choose a piercer you feel at ease with and that you can trust Be sure that ll items and tools for the procedure were pre-sterilized.


Are you ready to have an eyebrow piercing! Sound’s great! Just remember that at home you should follow all the care recommendations that your piercer will give you, and if something bothers you, be sure to seek help either from the piercing studio or from a therapist.

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Eyebrow Piercing FAQs

How To Clean Eyebrow Piercing?

To clean your piercing, wash it regularly with the spray provided by your piercer or sea salt solution. Keep your piercing clean during daily activities, like showering, avoid pools and prevent any injury.

When Can I Change My Eyebrow Piercing?

Usually, for the initial piercing, the master inserts an earring with a longer barbell than required, because after trauma to the skin swelling may occur. It is recommended to replace the jewelry with a shorter barbell for the first time 2-4 weeks after the piercing.

How To Treat an Infected Eyebrow Piercing?

If you think your eyebrow piercing is infected, you should clean your eyebrow with sterile saline or gentle soap and water twice a day. If it does not improve in several days, you should consult it with your piercer or therapist.