Lip Piercing 2024 Guide: Cost, Pain Level, and Placement Options

{posted_on} Sep 22, 2023

Lip Piercing Guide

Are you really looking for a way to highlight your individuality and get a piercing and not usual but a lip piercing? This is a great idea! The main advantage of lip piercing is its effectiveness, because it is impossible not to notice: it is a bright addition to your image, makeup, or even your mood. We have created a guide for you where we have collected all the important information about lip piercing.

What Is Lip Piercing?

Lips are one of the most sensual and sexy parts of the face, so it's understandable that people want to highlight them with lipstick. Nowadays there is a huge selection of beautiful jewelry that will suit your face.

For lip piercing, various jewelry can be used, which the master selects: straight labrets with beautiful twists, “bananas,” rings, circulars.

At first, the piercer disinfects the area where you want to have a piercing and makes a point, then holds the skin with a clamp and performs a through puncture, after which he carefully inserts the jewelry. It takes no longer then several seconds.

Types Of Lip Piercing

A piercer can place a stud above the lip line, below it, or even put a ring around the lower lip. In fact, these are some of the most common types of face piercings among young women.

Smiley Piercing

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A small ring is placed through the frenulum, the delicate tissue connecting the upper lip to the gum line. There’s also a “Frowny” which goes in the webbing of the bottom lip.

Labret Piercing

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This is a classic stud placed underneath the lower lip.

Medusa Piercing

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Our personal favorite, medusa piercings sit above the upper lip in the middle.

Madonna/ Monroe Piercing

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Monroe piercings sit off-center on the left upper lip, resembling a beauty mark, while a Madonna is the opposite and sits on the right side.

Snake Bite Piercing

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This is two studs placed close together near the lower or upper lip line.

Who Might Want A Lip Piercing, And Why Do People Like Them?

Anyone looking to enhance their smile with a cute stud or ring may enjoy a lip piercing, but we don’t recommend them for people who have teeth and gum issues, as they can damage sensitive dental work if the placement isn’t perfect.

If you’re not afraid of needles close to your face, these are relatively quick and easy to do. Plus, the small studs resemble a dermal piercing and can be very subtle if you don’t want something dramatic.

Lip Piercing Chart

The lip piercing chart visually shows off the different areas of your lips can get pierced and how they look. The chart is very helpful in deciding which type of lip piercing you want. While there's no universally standardized chart, here's a general description of some common lip-piercing placements.

Who Is Lip Piercing Recommended For?

Almost anyone can get earrings or studs in their face, and this is a good choice if you’ve never gotten anything pierced before (as long as you’re old enough to take care of it while it heals).

If you’re looking to get something other than your ear or nose pierced and you really want to pierce your lip, make sure that you will be able to wear the rings or studs for the full healing time- you won’t be able to take it out while you’re at work, for example.

Why Are Pierced Lips Popular?

Lips are one of the most common types of piercings because a variety of style options available and ways to customize them. It is amazing that the placement of a lip piercing will not suit someone, but it will suit your style.

How Much Are Lip Piercings?

Getting your lip pierced usually costs between $40 and $60, depending on placement and the jewelry you choose.

Do Lip Piercings Hurt?

The needles used are usually relatively small and your lip’s tissue is soft, so it’s not very painful overall.

How Long Do Lip Piercings Take To Heal, And What Are The Risks?

A pierced lip will take about two to three months to fully heal. Make sure to keep it clean using sterile saline, and practice good oral hygiene. Rinse your mouth out after eating or drinking, too, since infection is the biggest risk.

Where To Get Lips Pierced?

To find the good piercing studio you can use Belliata free booking platform. Search Belliata for “lip piercing near me” and get a list of top piercing studios from your city.

Piercing studios post information about themselves in their profiles on Belliata, and you can easily and simply find out prices, view the salon’s portfolio, and even book an appointment for the nearest time convenient for you.


By the end of this article, you already know that you need to go to a trusted piercing studio with followed all the aftercare recommendations, your piercing will heal quickly and soon you will be able to charm all passersby on your way.

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Lip Piercing FAQs

How To Clean Lip Piercing?

For the all healing period it is important you clean your lip piercing regularly with soap and salt water to avoid infection. You also shouldn’t touch and move juwelry by durty hands.

When Can I Change My Lip Piercing?

It’s recommended you should wait about two to tree weeks to change out your first lip piercing into smaller one earring. In order to let your piercing heal completely, so you avoid the risk of infection and injury.The complete healing process takes from one to two months.

How To Treat an Infected Lip Piercing?

If you think your lip piercing is infected, you should clean the wound with clean, cold water and rinse your mouth with an alcohol-free mouthwash or warm saline solution. Contact your doctor if you are not getting better. The inflammation may be more serious than you thought and you may need a course of antibiotics.