Nose Piercing 2024 Guide: Cost, Pain Level, and Placement Options

{posted_on} Sep 21, 2023

Nose Piercing Guide

Plan to get your nose pierced the first time and you have a bulk of questions about piercing? We will help you make your choice and tell you how you can create a stunning look with a nose piercing. Read our guide and get ready.

What Is Nose Piercing?

Nose piercing is considered the second most popular after ear piercings. The piercing of this part of the body has almost lost its significance and is carried out only as decoration of the face. Depending on preference, the piercing point can be moved higher or lower, moved closer to the tip of the nose or to the cheek.

Before each procedure, the piercer sterilizes instruments, needles, jewelry, gloves. Next, he marks the place where the jewelry will be inserted. Take advantage of this opportunity to make sure you like the aesthetics of the placement. The procedure is completed in one second and painlessly, the jewelry is installed and the place need to be cleaned with an antiseptic.

Types Of Nose Piercing

Many people pierce the soft cartilage on their lower nostrils or the thick skin of their septum, to the point where it’s not uncommon to see people of all ages with this facial jewelry. Nose piercings were common in South Asia for thousands of years, before they gained worldwide popularity.

Nostril Piercing

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These piercings can be very subtle in appearance, and often use studs that go through the soft cartilage on the side of the nostril. Some people turn this into a double nose piercing, with two studs or rings.

Septum Piercing

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These rings go through the septum tissue in the middle part of the lower nose.

Bridge Piercing

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As its name suggests, a bridge piercing uses a straight or curved barbell to pierce the bridge of your nose, located in between your eyes. While bridge piercing is not dangerous, a piercer should first mark the region with a pen before using a needle.

Vertical Tip Piercing

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Also known as Rhino Piercing is a more unique piercing that goes through the tip of your nose and exits through the skin above your septum, resembling a bit of a rhino's horn.

Septril Piercing

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A unique combination of a septum piercing and a half vertical tip piercing. Septril piercing is a very painful operation that may take a long time to recover and should be done only by a qualified piercer.

High Nostril Piercing

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This type of piercing sits slightly higher on the bridge of the nose compared to a basic nose piercing. A rigorous aftercare regimen will ensure that no infection develops.

Double Nose Piercing

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Here you ca have two piercings on the same side of the nostril, or one on each side. A triple nostril piercing is also very popular in today’s age due to its fashionable character.

Austin Bar Piercing

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Performed with a standard piercing needle, this piercing runs through the tip of the nose but is not pierce through the septum or the nasal cavity.

Who Might Want A Nose Piercing, And Why Do People Like Them?

Anyone interested in making a subtle (or not so subtle) change to their face might pierce their nose. This is one of the piercings that it’s very hard to hide, so you’ll want to ensure you can wear it to work while it heals.

Nose piercings are popular among men and women, with more guys overall choosing septum rings. A stud can be a nice way to add a bit of sparkle to your look, while a pierced septum can be seen on more and more celebrities.

How Much Is A Nose Piercing?

Expect to pay around $30 to $60, with septum rings usually costing a bit more than nose studs overall.

Do Septum Piercings Hurt? What About Nostrils?

Noses are sensitive, and many people think that getting your septum done hurts more than your nostril, and we agree that it’s not for beginners.

How Long Do Nose Piercings Take To Heal, And What Are The Risks?

Healing time varies, since septums generally heal more slowly than nostrils, but it can take between two to six months before it’s fully healed.

If you’re wondering how to clean nose piercing areas, the best way is usually to use a clean cotton swab and sterile saline solution. Avoid touching it with your hands.

The biggest risks are infection or allergic reactions to the jewelry used.

Irritation or infection can lead to a small bump or even a hard keloid scar. Many people ask how to get rid of nose piercing bump, and the best way is to keep the area clean using sterile saline, apply a warm compress to reduce irritation, and see a doctor if it doesn’t subside within a few days.

How Long Does It Take A Nose Piercing To Heal If There’s A Bump?

Bumps caused by inflammation can take several weeks to heal, so see your piercer or doctor as soon as possible.

When Can I Change My Nose Piercing?

You’ll want to wait until the full healing time has passed for safety, and to ensure the health of the piercing. Usually, it’ll be about two to four months before you should change the jewelry.

Where To Get Nose Pierced?

The easiest way to find a great piercing studio near you is to use Belliata's free booking platform. Search Belliata for “nose piercing near me” and get a list of the best piercing studios of your city.

On Belliata, companies post their prices and portfolios, and clients of these salons leave comments and rate the studios. The functionality of Belliata allows you to check the availability of free time from the piercer and make an appointment at a time convenient for you.

We recommend that you contact only trustworthy professionals, because piercing is an external intervention in the body and it is important to be completely confident in the competence and experience of the piercer.


After you leave the piercing studio, the fate of your piercing rests on your shoulders. Monitor your health, treat the puncture regularly, and try not to move the jewelry or injure the canal as it will take longer to heal. If you have any problems with your piercing, be sure to contact your piercer or therapist.

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Nose Piercing FAQs

How To Clean Nose Piercing?

It is best to clean your nose piercing immediately after taking a shower. Ideally, wash your piercing 3-4 times a day using sea salt solution or antiseptic that you can buy at your piercing studio. Specialists do not recommend to treat the piercing site with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, as they slow down the healing process.

When Can I Change my Nose Piercing?

On almost all piercings, the jewelry needs to be changed after a month, because the original earring is installed taking into account swelling. Healing of the puncture and formation of the channel takes 2-3 months, then you can install any decoration you like.

How To Treat an Infected Nose Piercing?

Clean the piercing site 3-4 times a day to eliminate infection. It is best to use a sea salt solution or a special antiseptic for piercing. Remove any dried skin and any debris from the piercing area. Even if there is an infection, leave the nose piercing in place. Contact your doctor if the piercing does not improve.