Nipple Piercing 2024 Guide: Cost, Pain Level, and Placement Options

{posted_on} Oct 23, 2023

Nipple Piercing Guide

Contemplating a new facial or body piercing is a significant choice. This is primarily because such piercings demand special attention, particularly if they are located in areas prone to frequent irritation or injury. Consequently, it's crucial to thoroughly consider all aspects before proceeding with the piercing. To assist you in this process, we've crafted this guide to provide you with a solid starting point.

What Is Nipple Piercing?

The term “piercing” actually covers a range of different techniques, types of jewelry, and body parts. Most of you knows the process of getting ears pierced, but body and facial piercings are becoming increasingly commonplace.

The procedure for piercing varies depending on the chosen body part. In essence, it entails skilled piercers employing a sterile needle to create a small puncture in the skin, through which they introduce an earring, stud, barbell, or ring. Subsequently, clients are provided with precise care guidelines and products to ward off infections and facilitate the healing process.

Types Of Nipple Piercing

These piercings go through the skin of the nipple, and have actually been around since the Victorian era.

Different Types Include

Single Nipple Piercing

Many people opt to get just one nipple pierced, inserting either a ring or a small barbell. Horizontal piercings are most common, but some people choose vertical barbells.

Double Nipple Piercing

Getting both nipples pierced is an increasingly popular option.

Who Might Want A Nipple Piercing, And Why Do People Like Them?

Considered one of the more “Sexy” piercing choices, getting your nipples pierced might be a good choice if you want to enjoy increased sensation, or just want to draw attention to your chest.

Of course, anyone who can’t commit to caring for this piercing may want to avoid it, since it’s in a very sensitive area that you’ll want to treat gently.

How Much Is A Nipple Piercing?

Nipple piercings will cost around $35 to $50 per nipple, but might be a bit more depending on the nipple piercing jewelry you choose.

Does Piercing Your Nipples Hurt?

Surprisingly, many people say that nipple piercings hurt less than getting tattoos. Nipples are very sensitive, but the skin is soft and easy to pierce, and it’s over very quickly.

How Long Do Nipple Piercings Take To Heal, And What Are The Risks?

Generally, the healing time for nipple piercings is about eight weeks, with proper aftercare. The most important thing you can do is reduce friction caused by clothing rubbing or snagging them. Many people ask “How long does it take for nipple piercings to heal if you have a large chest?” It’s true that chest size can increase healing times because there’s more of a risk of irritation caused by friction.

Can You Breastfeed With Nipple Piercings?

As long as they’re fully healed, you can breastfeed with pierced nipples. You’ll need to remove your nipple jewelry before feeding your baby, and clean the area thoroughly afterwards to prevent infection.

Where Can I Get a Nipple Piercing?

Discover a reputable piercing studio near you with the help of Belliata booking platform. Simply search for "nipple piercing near me" on Belliata to access a curated list of top-notch piercing studios in your city. We offer the convenience of comparing prices, perusing client reviews, checking availability, and booking your nipple piercing appointment online. Additionally, you can explore the portfolio of each piercer to view their previous work.

Remember, getting a nipple piercing is a significant decision, so it's crucial to select a professional and well-regarded piercing studio that can offer you the highest quality service. Opt for a certified piercer with whom you feel comfortable and trust. And, be sure to verify that all tools and items used by your piercer are properly sterilized and opened in your presence.


We believe we've furnished you with comprehensive details about the available piercing options, and we trust you feel both confident and eager to proceed with your nipple piercing.

While obtaining a nipple piercing is an exciting endeavor, it also requires diligent care. Ensure you're prepared to properly maintain it, and don't hesitate to address any queries or concerns with your piercer.

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Nipple Piercing FAQs

What is the Proper Way to Clean a Nipple Piercing?

Regularly cleanse your nipple piercing with soap and water to prevent infection. Following a shower, gently pat the piercing area dry using paper towels. Allowing the piercing to remain damp creates a favorable environment for bacteria to thrive, particularly when wearing snug-fitting clothing.

When is it Safe to Replace My Nipple Piercing Jewelry?

Around 4-6 months later, you can swap out the bars for rings or circular jewelry. This allows ample time for your piercing to fully heal, minimizing the risk of infection. Full healing typically takes between 8-12 months.

What Are the Steps for Managing an Infected Nipple Piercing?

If you suspect your nipple piercing is infected, it's advisable to cleanse the area with sterile saline or mild soap and water twice daily. Following this, you may apply an antibiotic ointment or rubbing alcohol to the piercing. If there is no improvement, seek guidance from a healthcare professional.